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Development of custom software applications

Web Developer

Web Application in Java and .NET Technology. Using the most popular framework and libraries including jquery, bootstrap, angular js and others....

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Native App Development for iOS (Swift / Objective C) and Android (Java)

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Computer assistance and consultancy

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Manage Your App and data everywhere!


Creating HTML5 responsive websites fit to every screen


Create native or hybrid App for Android and iOS


Realization of projects to measure

Borghi Italia

Borghi Italia è un’App per Android e iOS che ti consente di trovare facilmente oltre 200 borghi in tutta Italia

Immobiliare Soluzione Casa

Il sito web + App per Android e iOS che consente di trovare e consultare facilmente gli immobili in vendita o affitto in tutto il territorio salentino

iSub – ilSubacqueo

La prima App per Android e iOS per il subacqueo, contenente diving, siti d’immersione, teoria e tanto altro ancora…

Spiagge Italia

Spiagge Italia è un’app innovativa che consente di localizzare oltre 1300 spiagge in tutta Italia disponibile per Android e iOS

Da diversi anni ci affidiamo a lui per la gestione e mantenimento della nostra rete di PC e software interni. Molto preciso, disponibile ed affidabile.

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Trick & tips : Change position columns in Oracle database

If you want add new columns in a table of oracle database and set it in a specific position, you can use this sql command: RENAME your_table_name TO your_table_name_old; CREATE TABLE your_table_name AS SELECT …………………………………………. FROM your_table_name_old; DROP TABLE your_table_name_old; Example: If You have TABLE called TAB_A with columns called A,B,C. If you add a […]

Python: Script to read and show random videos from your raspberry

Hi everyone, in this article, I write a minimal script in python to read and show random videos (mp4,etc…) from your raspberry . This script use omxplayer. #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import os import random import subprocess #from subprocess import Popen path = ‘my directory‘ files = os.listdir(path) n = len(files) print(‘Element […]

Install MySQL server on Raspberry Pi

Now we’re ready to start the installation. First we need to ensure everything’s up-to-date: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Install any out of date packages when prompted. Next we’re going to install the actual MySQL server by typing: sudo apt-get install mysql-server --fix-missing I tend to use the –fix-missing flag when installing mysql-server […]